Open season: irons

Richard Whitford

19 July 2021

When you’ve got an iron in hand, hitting the green is obviously a great starting point. But, once you’ve got the hang of this, finding the right spot on the green is how we can make putting an awful lot easier. Whether it’s The Open or your Sunday stableford, how do you do this from your 9-iron through to your 5-iron?

That’s where progressive iron sets come in. If you’re hitting from 160 yards, it’s a totally different shot to 120, right? You might be thinking about distance compared to precision, and you’ll certainly be more confident about shaping the shot from 120 yards & in.

Very, very user-friendly irons...

If we look at the incredible TaylorMade irons, you might fancy the distance & forgiveness of SIM2 Max models in the long-irons. But, as you move closer to the flagstick, the P-790 irons give you a nice blend of effortless distance with precision, while the P-770 takes that precision to a whole new level.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max irons review

There are so many varieties and options for your new iron set, so click the button below to learn more about our TaylorMade irons or visit us in-store to discuss an iron fitting session.

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